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Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

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Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

Yoga is profound, mental and physical control having many practices and objectives. Yoga is just portrayed as a restrained technique for controlling personality, body and best way to deal with accomplishing an objective. There are two sorts of yoga understood as Raja yoga and Hatha Yoga. UNGA perceived yoga globally on 11 Dec 2014. We praise yoga day worldwide on 21 June every year. Yoga isn’t just blasting the pressure yet in addition a best and most straightforward exercise approach to get more strong and fit. Probably the best thing about yoga is that it very well may be rehearsed by each age gathering. Yoga during pregnancy is compelling approach to discharge pressure.

Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

Stress is one of the most well-known things now days in each individual lead to numerous medical issues including weight increase, mental issue. Yoga is the best and simple approach to discharge pressure. Yoga is best choice for the individuals who wouldn’t like to squander thousands on exercise center equipment’s. It demonstrate that rehearsing normally gets in shape to keep you remain fit as a fiddle and sound. Yoga is a most incredible asset do diminish feeling of anxiety. There are many yoga Cd’s are accessible in the market. Here are the sole most valuable Yoga Poses for weight loss.

  • Health Benefits Yoga-

  1. Helps to bring down the Risk of coronary illness
  2. Stronger the Bone
  3. Decrease the feeling of anxiety Fitness
  4. Helps to improve lung limit
  5. Helps to shed pounds
  6. Maintain the PH of body
  7. Strengthen the muscles


  •  Mountain Yoga

Mountain yoga

Mountain yoga present additionally be known as Parvattasan present. Pursue following Steps for Mountain Yoga Pose-

I) Sit in Padmasana present on your yoga cover.

ii) Raise the hands towards the sky and applauds your palm together above heading

iii)Sitting erect without twisting your elbows and close your eyes.

Attempt to remain in this situation up to 15-20 checks.

iv) Down your hands gradually through side wards.

v)Take a rest (Try to rehearse 3-4 rounds)


• Helps to improve stances

• Improves steadiness and certainty

  • Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

There are all out 12 yoga presents are consolidated to frame Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskar yoga presents are the best choice for the individuals who are searching for best yoga posture to assemble huge muscles. Surya Namaskar is additionally be known as King of All asanas.


• Strengthen the large muscles

• Helps to get in shape

  • Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose

Warrior present is one of the most prevalent yoga present for weight reduction. Warriors present is a best posture for individuals having back issues. Warrior present not just serves to reinforces tight, bear and back muscles yet in addition builds stamina. Steps to pursued for Warrior Pose-

I) Stand Straight on your yoga cover

ii)Bring your hands up above head

iii)Stretch hand and applauds together

iv)Turn your middle to right side

v)Bend your correct knee marginally and attempted to extend your abs

vi) Count for 30 to 90 sec by shutting your eyes

vii) Follow similar strides to left.


• Strengthen the body muscles

• tone your legs to invigorate body

  • Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Cobra is likewise be known as Bhujangasan is present essentially an incredible exercise for individuals having spinal pains. Cobra present for the most part chips away at back and chest locale. Cobra present serves to Stretches the muscles and increment adaptability. Cobra present is one of the best weight reduction yoga present. Following are the means to be pursued for Cobra Pose

i)Lie level on your yoga tangle.

ii)Stretch your legs backs by highest points of the feet on your yoga tangle.

iii)Spread your two hands under your shoulder and Hug the elbows over into your body

iv)Slowly close your eyes and breathe in profoundly. Attempt to get solidness your thighs, pelvis and top your feet. Proceed with breathing profound and gradually.

v)Try to fix your arms and lift your chest from the floor consistently up to stature at which you can think.

vi)Try to press your tailbone towards your pubis and lift pubis towards your maritime by narrowing your hips. Attempt to keep your shoulders wide by unwinding.

vi) Try to lift the highest point of your sternum however recollect abstaining from driving the front of your ribs forward.

vi)Try to disseminate the stretch uniformly all through the whole spine

vii)Try to remain in position up to 5 to 10 breaths effectively

viii)As you breathe out discharge your body back to floor


• Opens the lungs and heart

• Firms the backside

• Helps to expand adaptability

• Helps to reinforces shoulders and arms

• Helps to improve assimilation and Strengthen the spine

• Helps to diminish the firmness of the lower back

  • Bow Pose

Bow Pose

Bow Pose additionally be known as Dhanurasana. Bow present is one of the most developed yoga present which helps in conditioning of muscles as well as one of the best weight reduction yoga presents consumes fats. By doing Bow Pose you can feel the stretch in stomach district. By rehearsing Bow present normally further melts extricate stomach fat. Steps to be pursued for Bow Pose.

i)Lie on your stomach on your yoga tangle in a such manner that your feet hip width separated and the both the arms side of your body

ii)Try to twist your knees and hold lower legs with hand.

iii)By breathing attempt to raise chest, thigh and head as high as could reasonably be expected.

iv) Maintain the heaviness of body on lower stomach area

v) By Joining Ankles look upward and breath ordinarily.

vi)Take a long full breaths as you loose in this position yet recall don’t overcompensate the stretch.

vii)Try to remain in position for 15-20sec as you breathe out gradually carry chest and legs to floor.

viii)Be loose by discharging lower legs.


• Helps to Strengthens the stomach and back muscles

• Helps to animates the conceptive organs

• Helps to opens up the chest and Shoulders

• It is one of the pressure and exhaustion buster

• Helps in renal issue.

Practice Yoga to Lose Weight:

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